Upgrade Redis to 6.x on Ubuntu 20.04

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I was looking to upgrade Redis from 5.x to the new stable 6.x release on Ubuntu Redis and at this time Redis that is in the apt source will not allow you to get to the 6.x branch. In order to upgrade to 6.x you will need to add the official beta apt source by …

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Revisiting ValetPress


I was chatting with my co-worker Adrian the other day about some code that he was working on, and it got me in the mood to revisit some of my old ValetPress code. I haven’t really gotten into much coding over the last couple of years as my role has not really called for it, …

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WordPress 5.9.1 Maintenance Release

WordPress 5.9.1 is now available! This maintenance release features 82 bug fixes in both Core and the block editor. WordPress 5.9.1 is simply a maintenance release, the next major release will be WordPress 6.0. I went ahead and updated all of my sites, as well as clients’ sites and everything seems to be working as expected. You …

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Does my WordPress site need a Caching Plugin?

The answer is maybe!, is of course depending on who you host with, and even then I would probably sway towards using one. Why? My host already provides serverside caching! While that might be the case you can still often benefit from using a caching plugin as they tend to offer other bells and whistles …

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Securing your WordPress site

When it comes to securing your WordPress site there are many ways to go about doing just that. Please allow me to outline a few basic things that can be done to help secure your site outside of having a secure hosting provider for your WordPress site. Choosing a Host As mentioned the first thing …

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Thinking of starting a vlog

With my current position that I hold over here at Kinsta, part of my job is helping to train the sales team about WordPress, as well as keeping them updated on the ever-changing ecosystem surrounding it. With that being said I have created a handful of tutorials for them to watch when I can not …

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WordPress 5.8.3 Security Release

WordPress 5.8.3 is a security update that addresses some recently discovered vulnerabilities as shown below. Props to Karim El Ouerghemmi and Simon Scannell of SonarSource for disclosing an issue with stored XSS through post slugs. Props to Simon Scannell of SonarSource for reporting an issue with Object injection in some multisite installations. Props to ngocnb and khuyenn from GiaoHangTietKiem JSC for …

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Optimize images for WordPress

When it comes to optimizing your site there are a few things that should be done, in my book the first is properly optimizing the images that you upload to your site. I always stick with the mentality that I am my site(s), pages, or posts for someone that is on a 3G connection or …

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Using WP-CLI to maintain multiple sites over SSH

Not all hosts provide a simple way to update WordPress Core, Plugins, or Themes within their control panel so that leaves you logging in to each WordPress install one by one to push updates (Of course you can enable auto-updates in WordPress these days). There is another way of going about this if you like to have a little more control, and that is by using WP-CLI. WP-CLI allows for you to create a config.yaml file in the /User/home/username/.wp-cli/ directory on your computer that has WP-CLI installed.

The process of setting this up is pretty straightforward, first, you want to make sure for ease of use you push out your SSH key to each site/server that you will be connecting to else you are stuck typing in the password for each site which kind of defeats the purpose of this setup. I won’t explain this process as there are many walkthroughs out there that can help you get this going if you are unfamiliar, I even wrote a bash script to help with this process.

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