Ubiquiti Protect

In my previous post, I mentioned how I upgraded my home network with the Ubiquiti Ultimate Dream Machine Pro, which while I know it was just installed I am really enjoying the speed and stability that it has brought so far.

The Ubiquiti Ultimate Dream Machine Pro also has the ability to make use of the Ubiquiti Protect system, which is a video prevalence setup. With that being said I couldn’t resist adding a spare 3TB hard drive I had sitting here collecting dust and then picking up a couple of their very affordable Ubiquiti G3 Instant cameras. The cameras retail for only $29 on their official store, or around $70 if you buy them from a reseller on Amazon… I chose to pick them up directly for that reason, sadly they limit your purchase to 2 cameras per customer.

I placed the order the other day as they just happened to be in stock, and they were shipped out to me the following day! Reading up on the G3 Instant cameras the setup should be straightforward and be able to have them up and running, and connected in a matter of minutes. The biggest issue is going to be deciding on the placement of the cameras throughout the house, as well as how I can obtain a few more!

You can certainly expect a follow-up post on how the installation and setup went with these cameras, as well as how well the software ends up working out.