… and end of an era.

Yesterday marked a big day when it comes to the services that I have provided for years, I finally notified all of my hosted clients that I am getting out of the hosting service to free up some time for myself and concentrate on other areas.

This was a hard email to send out as some customers have been with me for many years, and I have helped grow, and maintain their sites so they were like family in some cases.

In the end, I think it’s for the best to get them on to another host (Which I am helping with the migrations) so that they will have some of the new bells and whistles as well as some of the standard features that I have been lacking on due to time. Also allowing them to be on a host that can continue to add features and support them 24/7 instead of the limited support timeframe that I offer (While most times I am available around the clock, I still like my weekends and am excited to have them back again)

So here is to a new chapter that does not entail maintaining a dedicated hosting setup and being on call all hours of the day and week.