One-time performance optimization of your site. Have you found that your site is not performing as it should? People are complaining about it taking forever to load? Let me evaluate your site and give it a full performance optimization. This optimization includes making optimizations to your WordPress install, evaluating installed plugins to remove duplicates or provide you with better-known plugins that will achieve the same if not more features with a lower load on the site. Also looking over all of the content on the site to provide better-optimized images and even video on the main site.

Initial Security audit of your site. Has it been a while since you have taken the time if ever to review the security of your site? Please allow me to get in there and secure your site while also offering additional insight on how you can help to lock down and secure your site for the future!

On-going Monthly WordPress Maintenance service, I am able to provide an ongoing monthly maintenance service that handles all of your WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates as well as minor changes to the site that may come up over time such as adding a new post, a page, or even removing outdated content at your request. With the ongoing maintenance package, I will also take the time to review the security and performance settings to make sure that things are continuing to run smoothly for the life of the service contract.

WordPress Migration service, Are you in the midst of moving your site from one host to another? Out of a staging or development? Reach out as I can get your site migrated over to your new host for you so you can sit back and finally kick up your feet after all of the hard work that you did with setting up your site!