Migrating content

While you might have thought from the topic of this post, that it was likely going to be a how-to about migrating content from WordPress site to another you are not entirely correct. While I am planning on some content migration over the coming weeks I am not planning (yet) on creating a how-to on this subject. Rather I have been looking over my personal blog which I have been utilizing since around 2005 and some of the content contained on it.

My blog has served as a place for me to post all kinds of random posts from tech posts, to recipes, to life events. Now that I have a dedicated blog for tech and internet related content I think that it would only be wise to remove any of those items from my blog of more or less random posting over to here.

This should allow my other blog to remain solely about life, recipes, photos etc while keeping the tech side of things posted over here. The only worry I have is that some of the content is pretty dated as you can imagine, and I am not sure I should bring it over at all or spend the time updating the posts so that they are more current.

So look forward to some revived tech-related posts over here!