GoDaddy acquires Pagely

That was all the talk last night in various WordPress channels, and that did not stop at all today. I have to say that I did not at all see this coming. I simply base that on knowing Josh the now ex-CEO of Pagely for many years, I never thought I would see the day he would have sold/merged/whatever you want to call it. Either way congrats to Josh, Sally and the Pagely team I am sure they are all looking to a small vacation before getting back to work with GoDaddy.

Acquisitions are nothing new on the WordPress front, and as I posted about recently they just seem to keep happening more and more at what seems to be a faster pace than I remember in the past. What does all this mean for the WordPress ecosystem, I personally think it is bringing some bigger contendors to to the front line with new tools, insights, and a different footprint that they previously had. Does that mean its going to be harder for all that are left standing right now? I don’t think so, if anything I think they actually have some space to fill as the landscape is going to have a lot of empty areas.

This should leave a big window of opportunity open for the small fish in the sea to jump into these unmanned areas and take over, or build something new and awesome that isn’t there yet. I think we are all on the cusp of seeing the landscape changing in ways we may not have thought of and I find it very exciting to be able to be part of it watching how it changes.