Friends in tech: Topher DeRosia

Senior WordPress Strategist

Topher DeRosia


Camber Creative


Website and Mobile Development

Time in this Industry

11+ Years

Origin Story

I fell in love with the Internet when it came to my college in 1994. We got access to email, then Gopher, then Telnet, and in 1995 a web browser called Lynx. Everything was on dumb terminals connected to a VAX/VMS mainframe. This story is long, so I’ll do highlights and link to the whole thing. I learned HTML in 1995, MySQL 1997, PHP in 1998, CSS in 2001, and WordPress in 2010. My full story is in my HeroPress essay at

How has COVID had an effect?

It’s had varying effects. Brick and mortar stores realized they needed to get online quickly, so that kind of work sky rocketed. On the other hand, a friend who focuses on helping schools with there web marketing struggled because school suddenly put all their time and money into online teaching. Another success example is that many people and businesses started making online courses.

A Typical Day

I get up about 6:30 am, shower and watch some news with my wife, and then get to work at about 8:30 am. I have a number of jobs in my position, ranging from development work, social networking, making approach briefs, being on sales calls, etc. I usually knock off about 5 or 5:30 (we set our own hours at Camber) and spend the evening with my family.

Current Workspace

Topher DeRosia - Workspace

Traditionally I’ve enjoyed having a real keyboard (the smaller the better), a real mouse, and one giant monitor. The machine itself hasn’t mattered a lot, I’ve had both laptops and desktops. That said, my wife and I are planning on moving into an RV to live nomadically full time, so I’m working on trimming my hardware. The giant monitor was the first to go. I also have a DBX 286s and a Focusrite audio processor on my desk because I do a lot of A/V production. I need to figure out what I’m going to do about that when we hit the RV.

I’m a long-term Linux fan, but have been on a Mac for several years, partly because that’s what employers have given me, and partly because I use Screenflow for video work and I share files with editors, and we all need to be on the same platform.

Daily Software

Firefox for my browser. Slack, a Twitter client called Chirp, and a terminal. In the terminal I use vim a lot, bc, wget, ssh, curl, and all of the other common terminal tools. I use either Plex or PlexAmp to play my music. I tend to use LocalWP for local web dev.