Friends in tech: Nathan Bliss

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Nathan Bliss




Sales and Marketing

Time in this Industry

11+ Years

Origin Story

I’m a data-driven sales and marketing leader with more than 13 years of experience in multiple revenue roles and environments. My expertise spans multiple verticals (eCommerce, payments, and telecommunications), but my deepest base of knowledge is in SaaS tools for small and mid-market businesses. In my career, the thing I am most passionate about is building and mentoring sales and marketing into predictable revenue-generating machines and connecting prospects with solutions that help their businesses grow and thrive.

How has COVID had an effect?

I think in our business, as the world has turned more digital and business has had to catch up to meet demand, it has created a market for us that was already on an uptrend and accelerated it. However, as the world unlocks from that and as more and more markets lift covid related restrictions, I think that could usher in a bit of a digital backlash and people will be looking to connect more offline. Which ultimately is a good thing for communities, but could impact our business in a negative way. So as a business leader, that is something that I am thinking about and preparing for.

A Typical Day

My day is a mix of different things. Often it involves a fair amount of recruiting. Looking at candidate profiles for various open roles that we are trying to fill in the departments that I am responsible for. I also meet with members of my team that report to me frequently to discuss different objectives, projects, etc. that we are working on all driving towards the same end goal: to drive more revenue for our business.

How do you get started each day?

Generally with a warm cup of black coffee and by catching up on communication that has come in over night from our team members in EMEA and APAC.

Do you have a specific routine?

Monday’s are more routine heavy for me. I spend those days meeting with team leaders to discuss priorities for the week and anything that might need to be revisited from the previous week or over the weekend.

Current Workspace

My current workspace is in flux because I am in the process of relocating. However, I really like to keep things simple. I have an Ikea desk that can convert to a standing desk, an apple monitor, laptop stand, blue yeti microphone, Wyze headphones, and a 2015 Macbook Pro (16 GB, 15 in. running MacOS 11.4 Big Sur). That’s about it, to be honest. Aside from a dog bed and a few dog toys for my miniature schnauzer Raider.

Daily Software

What pieces of software do you rely on daily that you could not live without?