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Kimberly Lipari





Time in this Industry

8-10 years

Favorite Plugins or Themes

Being an agency that has seen a countless variety of unique setups and tons of technical debt I can say that we have a longer list of ‘don’t go there’ plugins and themes than we do ‘go to’. We like lightweight, scalable code. The WordPress ecosystem is constantly evolving and producing better and better options each year. I believe that some of these are also use cases, what works for some might not be what works for others so being open to adapting is important.

Origin Story

Through a perfect storm of circumstances, I found myself jobless and pregnant for my first child. Having spent the previous years working in Land Survey and Engineering I knew that my odds of getting hired were going to be slim in my industry, at least for the next 10 months. I turned to create an online community at home as a way to fill the gap in time and money. Having spent the previous years learning software I was able to pick up WordPress without much ado. As I dove deeper I realized there was a whole new world and opportunities very different than what I had experienced before. I was graciously given a chance to work as a support agent in a large plugin development company by a wonderful support supervisor who would later become my business partner.

How has COVID had an effect?

We had many clients drop off at first due to budget concerns, but we were very lucky that it was balanced with an influx of new businesses that were smart enough to pivot early in the online space.

A Typical Day

My day usually starts off by dropping a coffee emoji in our general group slack. I check my google calendar events for the day and take care of personal email and some to-dos while getting my kids ready and off to school. Next is a workout and then I find my way to my desk. I keep the majority of my standing meetings to pre-lunch times so I check my work to-do list and email during meeting gaps so I have a good solid list for the rest of the day of things I want to tackle or move forward. 

I try to take breaks every couple of hours or so and give my brain some space to wander, it helps me feel better about focus time – especially later in the day when it’s really difficult for me.  

Early afternoon I start updating my list of what I’ve done for the day and what I need to tackle the next. My brain starts to shift back into ‘mom’ mode and I try to wrap my head around what the evening will look like as every given day is different with activities and such. 

I sometimes work later in the evenings after everyone is fed and happy if I have a big project. I feel like my email is always waiting for me in the wings ha!

Current Workspace

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When I did survey work I had a minimum of 2 monitors at a time. Now I use an external one on occasion but I’ve been using just a laptop for nearly 10 years. It was a big change at first but I’ve adjusted and come to enjoy what that represents as far as flexibility for my life and work.

Daily Software

Slack and Gmail are what I use most each day. I tried to find a digital to-do list that I could work with but paper and pencil are still the absolute best tools in my workflow for me.