Friends in tech: Courtney Robertson

Web Designer & Developer Advocate, WP Training Team Co-Rep

Courtney Robertson


Courtney A Robertson



Time in this Industry

11+ Years

Origin Story

I began using WordPress with 2.3, roughly in 2007. I needed a learning management system and a blog, so I began my open source journey with Moodle and Joomla. Soon after, I found WordPress.  
I attended my first WordCamp in 2009 before the WP Foundation existed and volunteered to check attendees in. 
By 2014, I joined the Training Team and volunteered as a team rep the following year. 
I took some time away for young children and could only handle part-time contracting work. 
I began resurfacing in the community when I had an opportunity to teach WordPress web dev for a year in a Bootcamp. I picked up Training Team co-rep to help launch and joining in for more Meetups and WordCamps throughout this time. 
I’ve just jumped into GoDaddyPro’s field marketing team as a web designer & developer advocate. It’s now my job, and honor, to care for folks in the WordPress community, contribute to teams, and connect folks to resources.

Favorite Plugins or Themes

WP Rig and Block-Based Themes,

The Events Calendar, PMPro, LearnDash, and Hello, Dolly (yes really)

A Typical Day

Up at 5 am with the partner, scan tech news, and enjoy a coffee (outside when possible)
9 am – head to the office. Check in-boxes
Routine meetings: WP Training team, Marketing team, GoDaddy Pro events, internal meetings
Scan social & news between
Flextime – yard/garden work with podcasts

Current Workspace

Friends in tech: Courtney Robertson 1

I have a laptop with 2 external 24″ monitors, a mini mixer, a DSLR camera, standing desk, and gear.

Daily Software