Friends in tech: Austin Ginder

Web Developer

Austin Ginder


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Time in this Industry

11+ Years

Origin Story

It all started back in 2008. While working a full-time job as an IT consultant, I began building WordPress sites during nights and weekends for something fun to do. The first few sites were for folks who already knew me through my IT work. My side business kept me busy. I quit my full-time job in the summer of 2010 and had a healthy backlog of web projects which kept me busy for the next 6 months.

In 2014 I announced that I was transitioning into web hosting, which is something I was already doing since the very beginning. Over the next few years, I transitioned from a web project to 100% web hosting. Most of that growth was made possible by helping out agencies and other web developers with their WordPress hosting and maintenance needs. If you’d like to know more I recommend reading my Indie Hackers interview:

A Typical Day

Every day is a constant juggling act. My wife and I have 6 kids so it starts off with a bang and continues high energy until the very end. Work gets done between the shuffling of kids from here to there. Every day is different however a typical flow would look something like this:

  • Wake up early, work a little before anyone is up. Think about what needs to be done today.
  • Go running a mile or 2.
  • Breakfast + smoothie, morning jobs, and get everyone off to school.
  • Walk somewhere like a cafe downtown or the college library to work for a few hours. This block of time will often involve writing a blog post or more creative focused time.
  • Lunch, preferably by myself so I can think. Yeah, I’m an introvert and have no problem thinking endlessly by myself.
  • Move somewhere else like home or my coworking space. Work for a few more hours, often this will be a time to grind or handle more mindless tasks including site migrations or resolve support tickets.
  • Pick up kids and begin evening happenings. That could involve driving to kids sports or music activity. I always have my laptop with me and will often work, not always, during such activities.
  • Super and put kids to bed.
  • Work, learn, or watch something for an hour or so while the house is quiet then sleep and repeat.

Current Workspace

I don’t have a dedicated workspace. Sure, I have a desk at my house however rarely sit down and use it. Instead, I work wherever I am. I have a System76 Lemur Pro which is a Linux laptop with an incredible battery. Easily lasts me all day. I’m a minimalist and prefer to work with less for better focus and productivity gains.

Daily Software

Spotify, Simplenote, Missive, Hyper, VS Code, 1Password, Edge, SSH, Rclone, Restic, WP-CLI and CaptainCore.