Filesystem Fridays

A friend of mine has a long-running ritual that takes place on Thursdays, which he simply refers to the day to “Clean your fucking desk!“. While I keep a pretty minimal clean desk/setup I have found it useful to take a day out of the week to tidy up things, as I feel clutter on your desk can become a distraction when it comes to the daily grind.

To further build off of that I decided to start a “Filesystem Fridays“, a day where you take time to clean up the files on your computer. I am not sure about the rest of you but depending on your daily workflow by the end of the week you may have a stockpile of random, unorganized files scattered on your desktop or in your downloads folder.

For me most of the files that I gather are client requirements, security questionnaires as well as themes and plugins that I may have tested out over the week for compatibility‚Ķ these all start to add up and not only add to clutter but take up that precious disk space that we eventually begin to miss when we need to fire up a docker container, VM or downloading some ISO’s for testing.

So that being said, it’s Friday! Take a moment to trash some of those one-time files that you don’t “need” to hoard on your machine. If you are a macOS user you should take a look at Daisy Disk as well as CleanMyMac X as they are pretty handy for locating/auto-freeing up space on your computer.