Enabling comments?

For the past couple of years on all of my sites, I have had comments disabled. I disabled comments for a handful of reasons, such as but not limited to the following:

  • Spammers
  • Trolls
  • Time

The biggest ones are the spammers and trolls that just post about viagra or want to try to prove that what you posted is incorrect as they have nothing better to do. I figured with the usage of social media, mainly Twitter it opened up for people that actually wanted to comment as a way to reach out and interact in a more constructive way.

Recently I have been dabbling with the idea of opening comments up again, though still have not been able to decide on if it’s the right thing to do as well as I have not decided on the right way to execute it. In the past before I disabled comments I was making use of Disqus, that was until they decided to start injecting ads into the comments which I was not a fan of. I would like to avoid running with the native WordPress commenting systems as I like the idea of offloading the comments to another site in order to utilize their resources that are set up specifically for commenting. I also am not really looking for a paid service since I don’t make any money off this site, I am not really looking to pay to enable commenting.

I am going to keep walking around the car and kicking the tires before I commit on how to move forward with comments, that is if I decide to even enable them at all. If you have any insight on this I would love to hear from you either via the comment form on the site or you can shoot me a tweet @sdenike.