Revisiting ValetPress


I was chatting with my co-worker Adrian the other day about some code that he was working on, and it got me in the mood to revisit some of my old ValetPress code. I haven’t really gotten into much coding over the last couple of years as my role has not really called for it, …

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Font: Adobe Source Code Pro

iTerm2 - Adobe Source Code Pro Font

I recently had a conversation with some friends about their terminal setups, and one of them had a really nice-looking font. He shared with me that he was using the Adobe Source Code Pro font on his terminal, so I went out and grabbed a copy and set it up within iTerm2. I did have …

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Filesystem Fridays

A friend of mine has a long-running ritual that takes place on Thursdays, which he simply refers to the day to “Clean your fucking desk!“. While I keep a pretty minimal clean desk/setup I have found it useful to take a day out of the week to tidy up things, as I feel clutter on …

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Friends in tech: Topher DeRosia

Company Camber Creative Industry Website and Mobile Development Time in this Industry 11+ Years Origin Story I fell in love with the Internet when it came to my college in 1994. We got access to email, then Gopher, then Telnet, and in 1995 a web browser called Lynx. Everything was on dumb terminals connected to …

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How to use Local by Flywheel with another host

This is a topic I see come up a lot, and while they do offer an export option within Local I do prefer to do it the manual way as I can make sure everything I want to be copied over to the new host is copied. All of these steps were done on macOS with Local version 5.6.3+4270, so depending on your operating system and version of Local this may be different.

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