Changing up the site focus, a little.

While the site will continue to mainly contain posts about WordPress I am wanting to branch out a bit more with posts that encompass other technical aspects such as Linux and macOS. These new posts will likely pertain to maintaining server for web hosting, but in some cases may branch out with out with other walk-throughs or how-tos that I wish to document somewhere.

My other personal blog will continue to be focused on family, life, photos, recipes, and other random things that just don’t fit with a technical site. Again the goal is just to expand the posts on this site, and while I am going to TRY to make sure these posts continue to be hosting-related there is a chance I might end up veering off and discussing some home-automation such as my RaspberryPi Aquarium setup.

I know this is not the most exciting post, but I wanted to make it known that some things might change up around here so anyone following the site is not caught off guard wondering what is going on.