Creating an SSH Tunnel

When connecting to MySQL sometimes the host does not allow for external connections to MySQL remotely for security reasons, but they do usually offer SSH access.

With SSH access you are able to create an SSH tunnel to your site/server and then connect to the port locally using your MySQL client of choice, mine being Sequel Ace on macOS.

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Display post word count on the Dashboard

I found this handy snippet that can be used to display the word count of your posts within the WordPress Dashboard. The best way, or more so the easiest way to add this is with the Code Snippets plugin, else you could add it to your theme’s function file.

Easily add functions to WordPress

Code Snippets is a handy plugin that makes adding custom functions to your site with ease rather than having to edit a functions file. Before discovering this plugin I use to maintain a plugin that simply had all of my custom functions in it which I would copy across to all of the sites that …

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WordPress Multisite Import/Export script

I came across an issue with a client site the other day where they had multiple WordPress Multisite installs each with hundreds of sub-sites on each install. Due to limitations with the hosting each install needed to only contain 100 subsites or less else there would be issues with issuing SSL certificates via LetsEncrypt. In …

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Wait, another blog?

Why do I put myself through the misery of creating more and more sites when I have trouble enough with updating the ones that I currently have? The main purpose of this site will be for WordPress related information so that my other blog can continue to be more so about my personal life, cooking …

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