Friends in tech: Syed Saadullah Gillani

Company FK Media Industry WordPress Time in this Industry 3-4 Years Origin Story I get started in this industry in 2017.I love to create new websites for my clients.I develop multi-vendor websites for local e-commerce businesses. Favorite plugins or themes GeneratePressGenerateBlocksPerfmattersWP FormsOptinmonster A Typical Day I get up early in the morning and start doing …

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Gutenberg adds Duotone filters

Duotone Filter

Starting with WordPress 5.8 you will be able to add Duotone filters to the images that you upload to your WordPress site! This is pretty exciting especially for those that really depend on filters on Instagram for instance, as you will be able to do the same thing within WordPress and all native! This really …

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Friends in tech: Topher DeRosia

Company Camber Creative Industry Website and Mobile Development Time in this Industry 11+ Years Origin Story I fell in love with the Internet when it came to my college in 1994. We got access to email, then Gopher, then Telnet, and in 1995 a web browser called Lynx. Everything was on dumb terminals connected to …

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WordPress finally dropping support for Internet Explorer 11

WordPress has finally started to phase out Internet Explorer 11, and as of WordPress version 5.8, it will no longer be supported! This is an awesome step forward in terms of designing sites since you will no longer need to make sure that the site works in Internet Explorer which was always a pain due …

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Friends in tech, the series

Since I am focusing my site on WordPress, development, and tech I figured that I should do a series of posts about people that I have met over the years that are in one of these industries. And while they might not all be focused on WordPress I think it may be an interesting idea …

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WordPress 5.7.2 Security Release

WordPress 5.7.2 has been released that fixes an issue with WordPress versions between 3.7 and 5.7. Make sure to update to the new release to resolve this security issue. Details of this issue can be found below if you want a deeper dive into it.

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Enable Auto-updates for all plugins using WP-CLI

When it comes to managing site updates it can be painstaking, especially when you have more sites than you can count on one, or even two hands. Even with that being said I know the sites that I manage pretty well from inside and out, so I am fine with automating updates. Most of the …

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WordPress 5.7.1 Security and Maintenance Release

For those that have not seen already, WordPress 5.7.1 is now available! This release is a Security and Maintenance release that everyone should update as soon as possible, since it contains security fixes! This release contains 26 security fixes so as you can imagine it’s not one that you wish to pass up. I have …

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Creating an SSH Tunnel

When connecting to MySQL sometimes the host does not allow for external connections to MySQL remotely for security reasons, but they do usually offer SSH access.

With SSH access you are able to create an SSH tunnel to your site/server and then connect to the port locally using your MySQL client of choice, mine being Sequel Ace on macOS.

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Display post word count on the Dashboard

I found this handy snippet that can be used to display the word count of your posts within the WordPress Dashboard. The best way, or more so the easiest way to add this is with the Code Snippets plugin, else you could add it to your theme’s function file.