Font: Adobe Source Code Pro

iTerm2 - Adobe Source Code Pro Font

I recently had a conversation with some friends about their terminal setups, and one of them had a really nice-looking font. He shared with me that he was using the Adobe Source Code Pro font on his terminal, so I went out and grabbed a copy and set it up within iTerm2. I did have …

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lsusb on macOS

For anyone that is using/has used Linux you are likely already familiar with lsusb, which is missing on macOS. Well, you are in luck as there is a bash script available on Github that can be installed via Homebrew. To get it installed you need to run the following commands and its as easy as …

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The hidden network quality tool in macOS Monterey

Usage It seems that Apple has quietly added a new tool in macOS Monterey for measuring your device‚Äôs Internet connectivity quality. You can access this tool via the terminal on your computer. To do so you would simply type networkQuality in the terminal prompt to execute the utility. Running the networkQuality command will provide the …

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